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// guitar, vocals, keyboard


Chris took to music early in life, with the radio being a constant companion in the home. By age seven he had developed an unhealthy and possibly unnatural obsession with The Beatles. It wasn't long before he started asking to be shown a few bits on his uncle's guitar and in grade five exploded onto the local elementary school Ukulele scene. A couple years later, equipped with his first electric guitar he formed his first band Pure Honey. With a repertoire of two  songs and one dream they went on to defeat the incumbent grade ten band and win the school talent show. With Concert and Jazz Choir a constant staple, Chris developed a knack and appreciation for vocal harmony. Years later Chris founded The FTones and enjoys playing with like minded musicians.



// bass, vocals

Born and raised in Ontario, Stephanie's early influences were directly related to her parent's love of country music. Her first instrument was the steel 4 years old!  As a teenager, she came to her senses and lost her heart to rock and roll when a band exchange to Timmins found her covering Olivia Newton John’s “Let’s Get Physical” with an unknown Shania.  Steph has been haunting rehearsal studios and live music venues ever since.  In 2010, she moved to BC and has been passionately laying down the bass line with several bands in bars, festivals and private events around Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, but The FTones have been Steph’s home since 2017.



// drums, vocals


Terry Tokiwa has been playing drums since an early age of 11 yrs old. He was introduced to music as a child listening to vinyl records on his Mickey Mouse turntable where the seed to become a musician was planted. He has since played in numerous bands covering a wide variety of genres as well as original material. 

Terry feels that The FTones are different from the majority of cover bands because of the vocal abilities of all the musicians and the attention to detail that is put into learning new material to showcase at live events.


// guitar, keyboard, vocals


Liam is officially the youngest member of the band. "The Kid" is proud to debut his musical career with The FTones.

Guided to a seat in front of a piano at age 4, it became apparent that while strings were definitely in the cards, amplification was too. Introduced to rock music by his uncles, Liam inadvertently picked up a guitar. Captivated by influences such as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Steely Dan, he immediately fell in love.

He tries to keep his musicality diverse, dabbling in piano, bass, and occasionally drums. Born at a convenient time digitally, Liam has been entirely self-taught for the past six years and is grateful for every second of his musical journey. 


// vocals, percussion


Beki hails from Ottawa, Ontario, born and raised. But she spent most of her days on sets and stages. A real lover of performing and the arts, Beki’s been singing and acting in front of crowds since she was a small child. She’s elated to have joined The FTones and excited to get back to performing and entertaining the crowds!

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